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Welcome to the website devoted to my hobby, but also to my hard work, my joy and sadness.

You are here probably because of three reasons. You have come here because you share my passion, because of pure curiosity or accidentally. It doesn't matter what has brought  you here, I encourage to reading and watching.

Four-footed friends have accompanied me since I remember. My father was a hunter (what I don't approve), as every hunter, he had a dog which accompanied him bravely during hunting. That dog was AMOR, the dog in the type of Polish Hound (ogar polski) – that was him which taught me how important dog's love is in human life. My faithful friend lived long life despite many accidents „at work”. Unfortunately he lost the battle with our neighbour's dog which had broken his chain. After so many years when I recall  it, I feel a strong  constriction in my throat, I have never accepted  Amor's death. He will always stay in my heart because it was him to sow a seed in my heart, the seed which germinates until today. After Amor's death many dogs were marching proudly at my leg, I remember all of them perfectly.

Every time I saw a suffering animal, I couldn't leave it and I was trying to help every defenceless creature.

 I was saving the dogs from death finding them good homes or they just simply stayed with me.
I often heard malicious comments because of that. But for me they were compliments because I have known from childhood that I can expect disinterested love and friendship only from animals.
Let's go to meritum. I had to wait long for the realisation of my hidden dream. However, that day has come.

The first dog in my breeding centre was Balbina, the female of Bichon frise – the bitch with a tender heart and wonderful character.

Now, except for Balbina, there live with us two Toy Poodles – sisters, always staying together and some Russian toys , small fleas which are full of energy and have gorgeous characters.
Each of my dogs is a different personality, I can watch them playing in the garden for hours and I  sometimes laugh to tears.


And in the evening when I go to sleep, each of them takes their place... in my bed, of course:-)


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